What is Protecting the Republic?

Protecting the Republic is the result of my fours years of publishing articles, commentary and analysis on LinkedIn. During that time my writing evolved from simply reposting articles dealing with U.S. National Security issues into a much broader and more thorough analytical approach. On 24 February 2022 I made the decision to focus my work almost exclusively on the war in Ukraine and to support their existential war against Russian aggression until the final Ukrainian victory. Based on the strong support and advice I received from my many thousands of followers and connections on LinkedIn, I decided to search for a better, less restrictive platform to host my work, free from the inexplicable LinkedIn policies that allow unrestricted and abusive comments from Kremlin/MAGA/Trump/QAnon supporters towards anyone who might disagree with them, while routinely censoring and shadow banning supporters of Ukraine and liberal democracy. After being the subject of that abuse on too many occasions, as well as enduring several suspensions of my account by LinkedIn for posting comments supportive of Ukraine and critical of Russia and MAGA, I decided enough was enough. I began the search for a new place to publish my work without censorship and shadow banning, and hopefully attract a larger audience as well.

Protecting the Republic is the result of that search.

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The name, The No Delusion Zone, was inspired by the many irrational and fact aversive comments and abuse launched at me over the years on LinkedIn by MAGA/QAnon cult members and Kremlin sympathizers. I eventually gave up trying to have any kind of conversation with them and simply blocked them, deleted their comments, and advised them that my posts were a “No Delusion Zone” and delusional MAGA/QAnon/Kremlin comments and insults would not be tolerated. I have now brought that same philosophy here to The No Delusion Zone at Protecting the Republic.

In addition, only paid subscribers will receive announcements of upcoming events like: Zoom interviews with leading international figures and decision makers, as well as expert panel discussions of crucial issues like Ukraine, NATO, Russia, the EU, China, U.S. National Security, elections, the future of American (and Western) democracy, and much more. So please sign up for your one month free trial subscription now!

(Ukrainians will always have full access with their free subscriptions when registering with an email account ending in .ua.)

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