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Robert Fico Assassination Attempt: Part II

An interview with Slovak member of parliament Juraj Krupa

This is the second part of an interview with a member of the Slovak National Council (parliament) Juraj Krupa that originally took place on May 15th. That interview was interrupted when Mr. Krupa received an urgent phone call from one of his colleagues that the Slovak Prime Minster, Robert Fico, was the victim of an apparent assassination attempt just moments before. That interview was abruptly halted and Mr. Krupa rushed to the parliament building while the government met in emergency session. Prime Minster Fico survived that assassination attempt, but is still in serious condition and may or may not return to office. Only time will tell. In the meantime, Slovakia is descending into chaos, a situation that pre-dates the shooting of Mr. Fico and threatens to destabilize the nation and return it to an authoritarian regime reminiscent of the 1990’s, or even the days of rule under the Soviet Union.

Please watch this important discussion with a man who is an astute witness and commentator …

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