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Anna Babinets -

Ukraine's Leading Civilian Anti-Corruption Journalist

Anna and the investigative journalism agency she founded,, is a real force of nature when it comes to investigating and exposing high level corruption in Ukraine. With a focus on public corruption, Anna and her team have uncovered some of the most important cases of both public and private corruption in recent Ukrainian history. And her work never stops. Since reining in public corruption is one of the key requirements for Ukraine’s admission into both NATO and the EU, Anna’s work is more important now than ever. Please watch this in-depth discussion with this courageous and talented investigative journalist as she literally risks her life to help Ukraine step out from the shadow of Soviet corruption and join the Western world of democracies. This is a thankless and unsung job that may actually be the most important work being done right now in Ukraine outside of that performed by the Ukrainian military and intelligence services.

Links to Anna’s documentaries:

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